Bruce’s Baking Bash

Welcome back everyone. As promised, this post will dive into my learning project…Baking. I have no problems cooking breakfast, lunch or dinner (although, I’m sure my wife would disagree) but dipping into cakes, cupcakes and other desserts is something I have never done nor even considered until now. My youngest daughter will turn 2 in two weeks and has requested a dinosaur cake. Challenge accepted. I have decided to go with the pull apart cupcake cake style. My thinking here is that, I can hide the poor quality cupcakes that I am bound to make in heaps of icing and mounds of candies placed on the cake. As well, I think I am bound to get at least a couple of the cupcakes correct, while a big cake is a do or die prospect that I’m not ready for yet.

I found this video on YouTube that gives a nice short demonstration on how to ice the dinosaur.


As of now, this is what I will aim for. Fingers crossed.

I will continue to update you on the process and try to provide pictures next time.





5 thoughts on “Bruce’s Baking Bash”

  1. Hey Bruce, this is such an awesome learning project topic! I love how it ties into your personal life as well, please post a picture of the dinosaur cake you make for your daughter when it’s finished!! Baking was one of the topics I was considering before I chose ASL so I’m glad someone else is doing it! Good luck on your baking adventure, I look forward to seeing more of your posts 🙂


  2. It is awesome to see you chose something that you can enjoy doing at home with your family! Baking can be tricky, so I am sure you will learn a lot through your project. I hope to see some pictures of your creations in the future!


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